JOI Guitars "Long Dark Guitar" (2021)
Accents@Home "Groove Collection" (2021)
Elastic Stars "REASONS TO SiNGiNG" (2020)
           The Velveteins "Love In A Modern Age" (2019)
           Costuming by Kandyce Pizzolon
Adbusters Media Foundation "Student Climate Strike" (2019)
Interviewing by Dayna Mahannah
Bloom 19 Cut Flowers “Intro to Bloom 19” (2019)
Music by Cody Francis
Karma & Cents - Sixty Seconds of Philanthropy (2021)
Editing weekly 60-second short videos. Each week answers a question revolving around the current environment of philanthropy in Canada. (link)
Elastic Stars "MUZiK" (2020)
Music video as teaser for album release. (link)
Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce (2020)
Voiceover promo video on the Chamber’s programs geared towards young entrepreneurs. Contract work alongside Jane  Spitz from A.I.M. Creative.
AFARA - Sixty Seconds of Sustainability (2020)
Similar to “Sixty Seconds of Philanthropy” projects. Each week answers a topical question on Canada’s evolving sustainable/renewable energy sector.
Adam Erhart - Modern Marketing Show (2019)
Explainer videos and dailies for YouTuber, Adam, who discusses tools, tricks, and tips for business marketing. Editing duties included motion graphics and colour correcting. (link)
Passages Gift Shop - Leila Stogan (2019)
Editing an interview and studio visit with Musqueam artist, Leila Stogan, who makes accessories to be sold at BC Ferries’ Passages gift shop. Contract work alongside Jane Spitz from A.I.M. Creative. (link)
Jenna & Nate (2018)
Contract wedding video and editing work with Todd Macsween Photography (link).