Equipped with a VHS camcorder at the age of nine, Isaac Forsland set out to make the greatest skateboarding movie ever made. The budget capped at a grand total of $10, which covered indoor skatepark admittance and a corn dog, while the final product yielded a whopping 200% profit in DVD sales. Since then, filmmaking has played an essential role in the ways he has interacted with the world. His output over the last 13 years has ranged from experimental art practices to smart and engaging company showcases.​ Isaac resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, and is keen to unfold new video and photo opportunities in his local community or abroad. He is currently working on commission-based videos and various independent projects.
Publications + Presentations

Mount Pleasant Community Art Screen
Video Short Public Screening - "Off the Map" (2019)
December 2019

La Guarimba Film Residency
Cinemambulante – Kino Guarimba Screening - "You Have Me" (2019)
June 2019

AdBusters Media Foundation
May 2019

Victoria Short Film Festival
Video Short Screening - "The Imaginary Other" (2016)
September 2018

Pip Magazine Vol. 4
May 2018

Think Global School
June 2015

Huffington Post
June 2015